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HDI Security Service provides a wide variety of security services. Whether your need is physical security in the Dallas/Fort Worth area or Texas, HDI Security provides you with all your security service needs. From armed and unarmed security officers, we offer the most effective personal protection in the country. Corporate, high rise, church or individual security, our team of experts are here to assist and advise you.


Uniformed Security

Level II unarmed or Level III armed security services dressed in a professional security uniform. We believe our officers’ professional appearance will make a lasting impression on clients’ business. At HDI we believe we are a reflection on our client’s business.

Industrial Security.

HDI is your choice when it comes to physical security at your place of work. We have years of experience and knowledge of requirements needed to provide your company with the proper safeguards to protect your sensitive and confidential property and people.

Corporate Security

HDI Security Services LLC can provide professional security services in a corporate environment. We have a professional uniform look for corporate settings, including slacks and a blazer with our security patch as required by law. Depending on client needs, our corporate officers can be armed with a concealed handgun and less than lethal weapons. Depending on client needs, a visible weapon is not always needed.

Special Event Security

If you have an event planned, HDI Security Services LLC can provide security for any special events or corporate parties. Please contact us for a quote based on your individual needs.

Volunteer Church Security Program

HDI Security Services LLC can utilize church volunteers to legally provide security services for your church or religious establishment. This allows the religious organization to provide security services legally at a fraction of the cost of hiring police officers. MidCities Training Academy and its partners provide the state licensed security training to the volunteers of the church at a discounted rate. After training and licensing, the volunteers can work as security personnel under the state license of HDI Security Services. Also, HDI provides a $2,000,000 liability insurance policy which covers the volunteer staff.


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Dedicated to quality instruction and safety

Mid Cities Training Academy offers a wide variety of handgun instruction. We can provide safety and beginner shooting techniques to advanced shooting drills for the security and law enforcement professional. We are a Level III security certification school as well as an approved concealed handgun provider. We also offer firearm certifications for Police Departments. We offer specialized one on one or group training for your company or department. Our instructors have several years of combined law enforcement and security training.

Volunteer Involvement


HDI Security Services LLC is dedicated to community involvement and we are an active member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. We dedicate our time and donate to many charitable events. Our belief in giving back to the community with time and financial contributions is one of our founding principles.